Chapter 23 – Excerpt

by Andre d’Aquino

“We are here for nothing Georg, for nothing. Die… die at least is something. We, we don’t die before we have reached life.”

“You’re right, Christine. You’re right.”

“But I feel like… I feel like I never had reached any life. I feel like I had never lived any life.”

“And, that’s why you are so afraid?””

“Afraid, me? About what should I be afraid?”

“About… about falling in love…”

“Love… love is the only thing that brings some sense to this fucking life. Nothing, nothing makes any sense until you find love… requited love.”

“But I tell you, Christine… love is always requited somehow…”


About Andre d'Aquino

I wish to enhance my language skills to maximize expression creating short and simple messages. Thank you for reading.
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